Embracing Sacred Joy

EMBRACING SACRED JOY: Life, Death, and Open Dialogues with Yvonne Caputo, Author of 'Dying with Dad’"


Yvonne Caputo, author of 'Flying with Dad' and 'Dying with Dad,' shares her experiences and insights on topics such as teaching, psychotherapy, listening, and having authentic conversations about death and dying. She emphasizes the importance of creating space for deep and meaningful conversations, as well as living with intention and purpose. Yvonne also discusses the concept of sacred joy in the face of death and shares stories of miraculous moments in end-of-life conversations. She encourages listeners to have open and honest discussions about death and to cherish the sacred moments in life.


  • Teaching and psychotherapy provide valuable skills for understanding the world and having authentic conversations.
  • Listening is a crucial skill in both teaching and psychotherapy, and it allows for deeper connections and understanding.
  • Having open and honest conversations about death and dying can lead to a sense of peace and sacred joy.
  • Living with intention and purpose can help guide conversations and decisions about end-of-life wishes.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:18 The Influence of Teaching and Psychotherapy
04:36 The Importance of Listening
08:06 Creating Space for Authentic Conversations
12:23 Talking about Death and Dying
17:36 Living with Intention and Purpose
22:16 Sacred Joy in the Face of Death
27:36 Sharing the Experience of Sacred Joy
32:08 Miraculous Moments in End-of-Life Conversations
38:42 Contact Information and Conclusion

About Yvonne Caputo
Yvonne Caputo has been a teacher. She taught in the Erie Pennsylvania Public Schools for 18 years. She has also been the Vice President of Human Resources at a retirement community, a corporate trainer and consultant, and a psychotherapist. She has a master’s degree in education and clinical psychology. In her book, Flying with Dad is about her relationship with her father through his telling of World War II stories. Her second book, Dying with Dad was released at the end of May, 2023.

She has always been a storyteller. She has used stories to widen the eyes of students and to
soften the pain of clients. Her stories result in rave reviews as a presenter and speaker.

Yvonne lives in Pennsylvania with her best friend (who is also her husband). Together they have
three children, three grandchildren and a Bernedoodle, Ellie.

Website: https://ingeniumbooks.com/yvonne-caputo/       
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvonne-caputo-1449137/     


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Embracing Sacred Joy
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