Finding The Way To Spirituality

Finding The Way To Spirituality


In this episode, Donnalynn interviews Bob Martin, a Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, criminal trial lawyer, meditation teacher, social worker, and happiness coach. Bob shares his background and inspiration for his latest book, which combines Taoist teachings with Christian language. They discuss the goal of happiness and finding purpose and meaning in life. Bob explains the importance of increasing left-side brain activity and building neural pathways for a balanced and optimistic mindset. They also touch on the science behind happiness and the benefits of activities like ballroom dancing. The episode concludes with information about Bob's book and contact details.


Finding purpose and meaning in life leads to happiness.
Increasing left-side brain activity can promote optimism and a positive mindset.
Building neural pathways through practice and repetition can lead to ease and flow in various activities.
Combining different belief systems can create understanding and connection.
Living in the present moment and letting go of resistance can lead to personal growth and transformation.


00:00 Introduction
00:28 Bob Martin's Background and Inspiration for His Latest Book
04:24 Bob Martin's Marriage and the Intersection of Taoism and Christianity
06:05 Creating a Rosetta Stone for Different Belief Systems
08:23 The Goal of Happiness and Finding Purpose and Meaning
09:20 Transition and Letting Go of Resistance
10:13 Unconditional Joy and the Unknown
11:19 Curiosity and the Desire to Find More
14:37 Building Neural Pathways and Increasing Left-Side Brain Activity
21:27 The Science Behind Happiness and the Brain
26:18 Ballroom Dancing as a Left-Side Brain Enhancer
29:22 Reactivating Neural Pathways and Finding Flow
32:01 Mastering Wu Wei and Living in the Moment
33:43 Bob Martin's Book and Contact Information
34:45 Conclusion

About Bob Martin

Bob Martin has had a diverse career and spiritual journey, including being a criminal trial attorney, social worker, therapist, professor, and mindfulness teacher. He has also been a columnist and happiness coach, exploring different religions such as Taoism,
Buddhism, and Christianity.

In the late 80s, a conflict with his powerful clients led Bob to move to North Carolina, where he established himself in the community as an Assistant District Attorney and later opened a private practice.

His work with Taoism and Buddhism led him to close his law practice in 2000. He returned to school, earned a master's in social work, and became certified as a facilitator/teacher in two schools of meditation. He devoted himself to holistically representing indigent clients until his retirement.

Then Elon University asked him aboard, where he continues to teach Business Law and Mindful Leadership. This year, he became the Mindfulness Employee Resource Group coordinator. Shortly, he expects to teach meditation on campus as part of Elon's Wellness Programming.

Pick up his book ‘I Am The Way’ for a deeper understanding of the universal principles present in both Christianity and Taoism.



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Finding The Way To Spirituality
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