Intentionally Having Happiness

Intentionally Having Happiness


In this conversation, Donnalynn interviews Terri Pease, PhD, about finding joy in highly stressful situations, particularly in the context of caregiving. Terri shares her personal experience as a caregiver and offers insights on acceptance, being present, and letting go of expectations. She emphasizes the importance of finding delight in small things and making space for a new version of the person being cared for. The conversation highlights the need for caregivers to take care of themselves and find joy amidst the challenges they face.


  • Acceptance is a critical aspect of caregiving, allowing caregivers to navigate the challenges and find joy in the present moment.
  • Being present and letting go of expectations are key to finding joy in highly stressful situations.
  • Finding delight in small things and making space for a new version of the person being cared for can bring joy to the caregiving journey.
  • Caregivers should prioritize self-care and seek support from others who understand their experiences.


00:00 Introduction of Terry Pease, PhD
01:40 The Concept of Finding Joy in Highly Stressful Situations
03:26 The Importance of Acceptance in Caregiving
05:34 Being Present and Letting Go of Expectations
07:52 Finding Joy and Delight in the Caregiving Journey
10:29 Dealing with Technical Difficulties
11:03 The Impact of Anticipating Tragedy and Trauma
13:41 Approaching Caregiving with an Improvisational Mindset
15:36 Recognizing and Accepting the Reality of the Caregiving Experience
18:45 Tapping into Happiness and Joy in Caregiving
19:33 Finding Delight in Small Things
20:26 Balancing Joy and the Challenges of Caregiving
22:13 The Process of Releasing and Making Space for a New Version of the Person
23:18 The Process of Releasing in Different Life Situations
24:48 Making Space for the New Version of the Person
26:19 Discovering Joy in the Absence of Expectations
27:30 Choosing to See the World in a Broader Perspective

About Terri Pease

Terri Pease Ph.D. is the author of the #1 best-selling book Love, Dignity and Parkinson's: from Care Partner to Caregiver (17 categories on Amazon). Terri is a highly experienced professional in the social services and healthcare industries who has dedicated her working life to helping people who are facing highly stressful situations. For more than 20 years she has trained staff in organizations around the United States on offering supportive, empathic, and effective trauma-informed care to those who need it most. 

When Terri married her husband, diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease before they met, she brought her confidence and a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on caring for him. Her professional experience has informed her approach to caregiving and to encouraging Parkinson's caregivers to make self-care real, practical, and possible. 



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Intentionally Having Happiness
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