The Impact of Emotions on Personal Growth

The Impact of Emotions on Personal Growth


In this conversation, Miguel Lebron discusses the importance of core values, the role of faith and belief systems, and the impact of emotions on personal growth. He emphasizes the need for self-awareness and honest exploration of one's emotional state. Miguel also highlights the significance of defining a desired future state and creating a strategy for personal growth. He shares insights from his podcast, Strategy Rewind, and offers resources for further growth and development.


  • Core values serve as a compass for personal growth and should be defined and aligned with one's goals.
  • Faith and belief systems can inform the way we view ourselves and the world, but personal growth should be holistic and encompass various aspects of life.
  • Emotions play a crucial role in personal growth, and it is important to identify and express them in a healthy way.
  • Mapping emotions and envisioning a desired future state can help guide personal growth and create a sense of fulfillment.
  • Creating a strategy for personal growth involves defining goals, taking specific steps, and maintaining self-awareness.


00:00  Introduction and Background
01:26  The Importance of Core Values
04:20  The Role of Faith and Belief Systems
08:18  The Impact of Emotions on Personal Growth
09:10  Understanding and Expressing Emotions
13:10  The Connection Between Emotions and Growth
18:31  Mapping Emotions and Desired Future State
24:03  The Brain's Role in Processing Emotions
26:20  Creating a Strategy for Personal Growth
30:47  Conclusion and Contact Information

About Miguel Lebron

Miguel Lebron is a Personal Growth Strategist, and his experience as a keynote speaker spans 20 years. Having worked with multiple non-profit organizations, Miguel has become a powerful community organizer and leader known for practical strategies empowering personal and professional growth.

Miguel is the CEO of Miguel Lebron Coaching LLC and the host of Strategy Rewind, a podcast that focuses on the mindset and strategies needed for a breakthrough moment.

After graduating from the Theological Institute of the Assembly of Christian Churches in 2013, Miguel served as Associate Pastor for the Assembly of Christian Churches for nearly ten years. And since then, Miguel has furthered his education, attending Woodfield Christian University and obtaining a Life Coach Certification in 2021 from New Skills Academy.

His focus on community, his love for family, and his drive for legacy have allowed him to become an even more emotionally intelligent father, husband, leader, mentor, and keynote speaker.



Donnalynn Riley is a Joy Coach and Speaker. She has been described as a powerful translator for humankind, helping people take the esoteric concepts that make sense around how the world works; spirituality, the law of attraction, energy, the power of the mind–and apply them in a way that actually works to create lasting joyful success with ease. 

She helps people have the best day ever over and over again, moving away from ineffectively envisioning the things they want: more time, more money, and more freedom, to create their dream life full of joy, success and ease.

Educated as a Spiritual Health Coach, Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Certified Law Of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, Donnalynn has been coaching high-achievers to become masters of their energy, communication, relationships, and success for over a decade. 

Featured in FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS, Donnalynn Riley is now on a mission to inspire 42 million people to prioritize their joy and emotional well-being so they can achieve their goals and have the most awesome time doing it!

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The Impact of Emotions on Personal Growth
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